Hunter Valley Experiences at Carawirry

Searching for the best things to do in the Hunter Valley region? Right this way, friend.

Crikey! There’s a lot to see and do during your stay at Carawirry Forest Escape.

Leaves crunch under toes. Fires crackle. Connect closely. Giggle. Float under waterfalls. Fish. Sink into a hammock. Savour the sun. Wink at it. Downward dog at noon. Morning toes on honey floorboards. Ride a horse. Cook a feast. Have one delivered. Sip slowly. Doze off on a masseuse. Relax and just be. 

Nestled deep within the Hunter Valley region, Carawirry’s your new 250-acre forest oasis. Whether you’re bathing alfresco, hiking through kilometres of untouched hardwood forest or dipping into local artisan grazing platters… 

We’re here to help you live your adventure, your way.
Here’s our pick for the best things to do in Hunter Valley. 


fish off the jetty

When: All year round!

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape 

How: Wander just 10 minutes from your cabin


Want an ‘it was this big!’ story? Does a couple of brewskies on the jetty sound like heaven? Bloody love the idea of fresh fish over the fire for dinner?

You’ll feel as though a local fisherman’s given away his secret spot at one of Carawirry’s private dams. Recently filled with Silver Perch and Bass, we can’t guarantee you’ll catch one… But let’s just say, it’d be hard not to.

Pack the rods, chuck a line out and your mates will be calling you ‘the fish whisperer’ in no time.

Fishing off Hunter Valley Jetty

hike through the forest

When: All year round!

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape 

How: When you stay at Carawirry, you’ll be greeted by a you-beaut map with all the best hikes, how long they take and where to leave from (most likely your doorstep)

nature roaming

Wandering deep within Carawirry’s hundred (maybe thousand) year old forest is one of our guest’s favourite Hunter Valley experiences. 

Home to several kilometres of private bushwalking trails, you’ll discover tracks for all skill levels and maybe even meet some ‘friendly locals’ on your wander.

On arrival we’ll have a lay of the land map ready to help plan your forest walk or hike. Not lost, just wandering.

order a brekkie camp pack

When: All year round!

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape

How: Book at checkout and we’ll organise the rest

the brekkie box

Impress the pants off your guests with your sweet, sweet masterchef skills. Stir, flip and sizzle the goods like slow smoked bacon, farm fresh eggs, organic halloumi, Farm Bakery sourdough, vine-ripened tomatoes, gourmet sausages – we could go on…

Or you could add this mouthwatering spread to your booking at checkout, cook ‘er up on the firepit and claim all the kudos (we won’t tell if you don’t).

We’ll even throw in a 10 pack of Urban Brew Coffee Pods to sip over brekkie (coffee machine’s sorted too).


bathe under the stars

When: All year long!

Where: Gum Leaf Cabin, Carawirry Forest Escape

How: Fill your private tub, pop the bubbly and jump in!

alfresco bathing

There’s something pretty special about sinking into a steaming hot bath, surrounded by the sounds of nature and pure peace.

That’s why we’re dubbing this one of the best Hunter Valley experiences for complete serenity day and night. 

Tucked beside Gum Leaf cabin, soak, read, graze and sip from the privacy of your own personal wilderness hideaway.

This outdoor bath doubles as a cosy date night cuddle up for two ft. a front row seat to start-gazing. Can’t bloody beat it.

Carawirry’s Hunter Valley Outdoor Bath Gum Leaf Cabin

roast marshmallows on the fire

When: Cooler months

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape

How: Start that baby up and get cookin’! (Kindling and matches prepared for you)

firepit snacking

For families with kids, or the big kids at heart. Roasting gooey marshmallows over a roaring fire brings a certain magic nostalgia with it.

Forage for the ultimate stick, or use Carawirry’s cabin collection of firepit utensils to cook one helluva feast.

Will it be s’mores all night long? Maybe bacon and eggs for brekkie and a fresh brew of tea. Fire-roasted spuds in alfoil or mouthwatering paella… You decide.

Fire closeup marshmallows in Hunter Valley

get a massage

When: All year round!

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape 

How: Book at checkout and we’ll organise the rest


Experience ultimate serenity surrounded by a chorus of wildlife. Whether it’s a back, neck and shoulder massage or full body indulgence, we’ll send one of our talented masseuses your way.

Using eco-luxe products with local botanical ingredients from the Dungog region, truly melt away the city’s stressors. In their place? Blissville. Population you. 

Select your massage at checkout and start the countdown to the very *definition* of unwound. Aaaaah.

picnic by the creek

When: All year round!

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape 

How: Book at checkout and we’ll sort the rest.


Whether you’d love an easy as dinner for your first night, a prepared spread to nibble creekside or simply to taste the region’s local flavours…

We’ll personally deliver artisan grazing boxes to your cabin – either waiting for you on arrival or brought to you on your chosen day. 

Spilling with locally sourced organic produce like cheeses, fruits, cured meats, fresh dips and crackers… We’ve even thrown in a bottle of organic, preservative-free Tamburlaine wine for good measure.

do a yoga class

When: All year round!

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape 

How: Leave a note at checkout and we’ll make it happen.

get your yogi on

We might be a little biased, but we think the Hunter Region’s a top contender for the most tranquil location in the world. Throw in an alfresco yoga session at your cabin and you’ll see what we mean. 

Calm your mind, stretch and ease your worries away with a 60-minute restorative yoga practice, brought directly to you. 

Your class is run by personal yoga instructor, Fyona, with drop-ins from ‘friendly locals’ welcomed. We’re telling you now, resident wallaby Skip is more flexible than meets the eye.

Yoga in the forest closeup Hunter Valley

refresh with a beauty treatment

When: All year round!

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape 

How: Leave a note at checkout and we’ll make it happen.

treating yourself

When we say we offer your adventure, your way, we mean it. And sometimes that looks like a mani-pedi and 60 minute facial with all the trimmings. Talk about soul tonic. 

No matter where you’re staying at Carawirry, we’ll send our personal beauty therapists to you door for the ultimate indulgence.

Stream trickles in the background, that magic eucalypt rustle and the forest’s sounds blanket you in utter serenity… Melt into the true essence of euphoric eco-luxury.

Things to do Hunter Valley Beauty Treatment Closeup

ride through the eucalyptus

When: All year round!

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape + The Dungog Common, 84 Common Road Dungog NSW 2420

How: Ride straight from your cabin to venture into  Carawirry’s tracks or drive 22 minutes to The Common

mountain biking

Off-road riding, eat your heart out. We invite you to bring along the bikes, pack a couple of snacks and make a day of mountain biking through kilometres of biking trails around the property.

Feel like venturing out of Carawirry? Sure thing. The Dungog Common’s a short drive from our place and is one of the many local mountain biking spots within our local area.

swim in natural pools

When: Summer and all year round, if you’re game!

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape 

How: Wander just 10 minutes from your cabin


When TLC sang ‘don’t go chasing waterfalls,’ we reckon that’s because they hadn’t seen ours yet.

Spilling from the mouth of Hunter Valley’s pristine Williams River, float in freshwater streams and sun-kissed natural pools under sparkling waterfalls and towering woodlands. It’s gotta be one of the best, most exclusive things to do in the Hunter Valley region.

Surrounded by lush wilderness, this secret spot’s a cooee from the cabin, but private enough to take a cheeky skinny dip. Go on, dare ya!

Private property natural pools in the Hunter Valley

soak in The Bathhouse

When: All year long!

Where: The Treehouse, Carawirry Forest Escape

How: Fill your private tub, pop the bubbly and jump in!

The Bathhouse indulgence

Bliss out in nature, then relax into The Treehouse’s private double Bathhouse overlooking dense forestry dappled with sunbeams, sunshowers or heavenly rainfall. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a downpour in the wilderness!

Dubbed the perfect Hunter Valley couple’s retreat, The Bathhouse offers the kind of unwinding you thought only existed in fancy movies and episodes of Sex and the City. Think again, legend. Because here it is, just for you.

Hunter Valley The Bathhouse Spa Experience

cozy up by the fireplace

When: Winter and Autumn

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape

How: BYO lover

fireplace smoochin’

Winter’s pure magic in the forest. Whether you’re nestling in for a night of Netflix and chill, playing one of the many games here for you or simply enjoying each other’s company. 

The fireplace takes your true cabin in the Hunter Valley experience to a whole new level.

Easy to start. Easy to cuddle up next to. Easy to spend hours mesmerised by her glow (your lover’s and the fire’s).

Fireplace closeup relaxation experience

bang on a s’mores dessert box

When: All year round!

Where: Carawirry Forest Escape

How:  Book at checkout and we’ll sort the rest

s’more nibblin’

Moorish after-dark dessert anyone? We thought so. 

Build your own Carawirry S’Mores the way they should be. Oozing with gooey marshmallow fluff, dripping in milk chocolate, all hugged between two crisp bikkies. 

Pop ‘em in the snack stash by adding a s’more dessert box when booking your stay at Carawirry. Make your next Hunter Valley experience a lip-smackin’ good one. 

Fire closeup marshmallows in Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley Experiences
off the Beaten Track

Experience quaint neighbouring towns, embark on winding road trips
and see all that the you-beaut Hunter Region has to offer.

Here at Carawirry, we encourage you to live like a local. That includes giving away our favourite secret activities scattered around the region (you can thank us later). While you could quite easily stay within Carawirry’s property for the whole duration of your visit, here’s a few ideas of things to do in the Hunter Valley if you want to wander further than the forest’s edge. Think day trips, local experiences and places to drop the kids off so you can have Carawirry to yourself. Did we just say that?

catch a movie at this quaint cinema

When: Check dates here

Where: James Theatre; 6 Brown St, Dungog NSW 2420

How: Drive 19 minutes to James Theatre

movie watching

James Theatre’s been showing films since 1912, let that sink in for a moment. And although this historic site was delightfully renovated just a few years ago, its old-worldly charm remains.

As a must-do historic Hunter Valley experience, catch new releases and movies most nights from $10 for kids and $13 for adults (check the schedule here). 

If you’re lucky, you might even catch one of the cheeky film festivals held in this very picture house.

Picture Theatre in Hunter Valley

meet some friendly cows

When: Various days 1pm – 315pm (booking required)

Where: Farm Visit; Chichester Dam Rd, Dungog NSW 2420

How: Drive 35 minutes from Carawirry

farm visit

From forest to farm. Your all-Aussie stay at Carawirry is loaded with original Hunter Valley experiences along the way. Check this one out – visiting an operating farm (yes, really).

Here to bridge the gap between Australian farms and your kitchen, Farm Visit’s tours introduce you to friendly farmers and farm animals.

Farm visits are a neat $20 for kids and $10 for adults accompanying children.

Farm Visit Cow Tour Hunter Valley

learn bushcrafts

When: All year round

Where: Various throughout Dungog NSW 2420

How: Book via the Wildcraft Australia website.

learning new skills

The legends over at Wildcraft Australia host heaps of courses, camps and trainings. 

Whether you get excited by the idea of connecting to the land through creation, interested in learning bush survival skills or even nature awareness. Wildcraft offers options for all ages. 

Immerse yourself in the Hunter Valley’s true love for the forest and see what all those Kookaburras find so damn funny.

send the kids to camp

When: Check dates here

Where: Wangat Lodge; 1938 Chichester Dam Rd, Dungog NSW 2420

How: Drive 40 minutes from Carawirry and wave goodbye, shed a tear, then high-five

school holiday camping

Nearby Wangat Lodge means the kids can experience nature’s wild ways, while you kick back at the cabin in your own woodland oasis.

Wangat’s school holiday camps include nature-based adventures including outdoors treasure hunts, building forest adventure playgrounds, even cooking damper!

This is the perfect solution for families and groups who’d love an escape of their own without having to keep the little tackers occupied. And, you know… Sleep ins.

explore National Parks

When: All year round!

Where: Various locations 

How: Choose your destination to plan your travel


Experiencing the Hunter Valley wouldn’t be complete without a visit to its breathtaking National Parks.

Pack a picnic to snack on at Lagoon Pinch picnic area, visit the World Heritage listed Jerusalem Creek Trail, or if you’re game, head to Rocky Crossing for a 6-8 hour rainforest hike featuring trickling waterfalls, wildlife spotting and dense red cedar forests. #worththeworkout

Check out more of what you can do in Barrington Tops National Park here.

zen out in a State Forest

When: All year round!

Where: Chichester State Forest; Chichester NSW 2420

How: Drive 3 minutes or walk 15 minutes into the State Forest from your cabin

forest bathing

Forest bathing’s tonic for the soul (learn more about that here). And neighbouring Chichester State Forest is a ripper spot to get your zen on.

Whether it’s visiting the original open air museum of old logging machinery, mountain biking to Frying Pan Creek or just breathing in that fresh forest air.

Here’s your handy rundown of Chichester State Forest’s experiences in the Hunter Valley.

visit a museum

When: Wednesday 10am – 1230pm

Where: 105 Dowling St, Dungog NSW 2420

How: Drive 22 minutes into town

museum browsing

Carawirry’s Hunter Valley property and neighbouring Dungog have a rich history in timber milling and agriculture.

Located inside the heritage-listed former School of Arts building, The Dungog Museum collects, preserves and displays local heritage items of all sorts.

An interesting spot to visit and better understand our tiny town. Plus, score a family pass for a neat $10. Talk about mates rates.

Dungog Museum Hunter Valley Experience

paddle a kayak

When: All year round!

Where: Hunter Wetlands National Park; Hexham NSW 2322

How: Around 1 hour 15 minute drive


Sure, the open road’s one thing. But the open river? Whole new story. Embark on a guided tour with School of Yak in the Hunter Wetlands area, spot epic white-bellied sea eagles and adventure around the mangroves. 

Forest fact: White-bellied eagles are only found on Australia’s East Coast, parts of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. So the sight of one is pretty darn special. 

Stop off at an island beach for a closer look at an old shipwreck and a bite to eat. Day = made.

browse the Farmer’s Markets

When: First Saturday of every month 8am – 1pm

Where: CWA Building; 199 Dowling St, Dungog NSW 2420

How: Drive 20 minutes from Carawirry

Farmer’s Market browsing

Tasting the region’s flavours has to be one of the best things to do in Hunter Valley. From spiced relishes and freshly baked sourdough, to farm fresh fruit and vegetables. Drop by to the Dungog Markets for an authentic Hunter Valley experience. 

With emerging artisan farmers joining the market each month, there’ll be no shortage of things to see and do. Then take back to the cabin for tucker over the fire.

experience all the magic the
Hunter Valley has to offer

Book your wilderness stay today.

Hunter Valley Experiences Calendar

With COVID-19 affecting many events across the Hunter Valley, this calendar’s a smidge empty. 

Keep checking in as we’ll be filling this calendar with events as they’re announced.

With so much to do all year long, here’s some of the events you can expect from our local area.

Please note, we recommend checking dates in case of any changes, ahead of time.

3-5 Gresford Billy Cart Derby
1 & 2 Run Dungog 5, 10 & 50km marathons
(2021) Pedal Fest
Biking festival
(2021) 1-4 Dungog Sculpture on the Farm Exhibition

(2021) Food, Film & Fresh Air Dungog Festival

Hunter Valley Awaits…

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